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GTracer GTracer

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Well... moderate at best

At the first screen I was like: Wow nice graphics!

Then the game came...
Ingame graphics are very poor and if I'm not mistaken stolen from another game. Gameplay is horrible! The steering is very unnatural and the car accelerates far to quick for such a small circuit. The map should at least scroll a bit and be much bigger! The sound is the worst of em all.... It sounds like you accelerate from standstill for 2 seconds in a loop... If you're at top speed keep the sound steady :-/ It's almost as if you expect people to get off the track (which is the case most of the time because of the handling).

synergyz responds:

Thanks for the feedback.

The cars are not stolen, the first one is a the real car photo, the others were all user made mod cars from another game. As for having the car larger and the map scroll is a good idea, I was trying to make this game similar to an old off road arcade one I used to play, but with the small size screen its not really the same.

Catch the Crap Catch the Crap

Rated 1 / 5 stars

Ah come on!

Graphics, very bad. Come on, at least try...

Gameplay is horrible! You don't have to aim. There are no bullets - so you can't even see where you aim. It's repetitive. Like I said, the graphics are not very good either.

I just hope this is your first try. If your second is like this please don't post it.... Make something decent first. It's like you made this in an hour.....

I'll give you a 2 because I'm almost certain this is your first try....

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