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[TMM43] Sundance [TMM43] Sundance

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Instant chills

Wow! What an intro! BAM - in my face! I've heard this song before I subscribed and now that I hear it again I just _have_ to write a review :-)

I like the buildup to the bass (the background synths) a lot! The bass is not too overpowered, which is a common mistake, but here it's just fine. And the melody is very energetic - it makes me smile somehow :-D.

At 1:21 the background synths disappeared - which is okay - but the main melody stayed a short while longer. Maybe another melody would have fitted here (since it is quite a gap in melody you have here). The song sounds a bit empty.

The drumroll at the end... hmmm... In my opinion, drum rolls should be applied when you are introducing something new - not an ending. But well that's my opinion.

Anywho, if anything deserves a max score it is this! Fav'd (both the song and you) and downloaded. This goes onto my 'Best of NG' CD for in my car :-) I just hope I can control my right foot when I hear this song :-D

Keep the great music coming!

-={DJ-PHX}=- Silenced -={DJ-PHX}=- Silenced

Rated 4 / 5 stars

It ended before it started?

Awesome intro, it drew my attention immediately. I think you should have just made it a little bit shorter (as in, progress to the next part at 0:25). There is not enough variation (and no beat) to validate making it that long.

The beat is maybe a bit overpowered. I don't know if this was your intention but you can barely hear the part you started out with.

At 2:55 I was expecting a massive buildup which would continue into your base melody (which starts at 1:39) plus another high pitch (fast) melody on top; that would have been great :-). Sadly it already started to build off from that point.

I guess this explains my title. I was expecting more after hearing the intro which is really awesome :-). Extend the song! This song really needs another melody.

The review might sound a bit harsh - but you're still getting an 8 for originality. Great work!

unrealdark responds:

First off all, your review is not harsh! I need these kind of reviews more often!
I get your feeling near 2:55 it starts to build off from there, perhaps I'll make this song a little bit longer with a faster sub melody above it as you described. It actually is a great idea! The beat is indeed overpowering this song, however it whas not really my intention to do that. I'll keep these pointers in my head, and will work them out in the final piece. (if there's going to be one.)
Thanks for the [constructive] review! Appreciate it.

Jungle attack By napaz Jungle attack By napaz

Rated 3 / 5 stars

It feels unfinished

I think this song has some potential. But a few things are not quite to my liking. The intro for example is a tidy bit long. It feels like the intro goes up to 1:10 - and then.. when you think the song is going to jump into your face, it goes on as before.

I liked the part where the synths came in at 1:18, That's a good base for a solid melody. I was expecting that melody at 1:52 but it sadly never came (to be honest, I wasn't expecting it anymore cause the song only lasts 2:05).

My tip: extend this song and add a nice catchy melody at around 1:52. The quite long intro wouldn't be so bad if the song would be 5-6 minutes long.

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Napaz responds:

Ok, I get where your coming from, and yes, nearly everything you have said is valid. Sadly I dont have the program that I used to make this anymore, I would love to try and build apon your sugesstions though I just cant.

Its more of a loop then anything in my view, though I could have put a few new things in like you said.

Thanks for the review.